SS18 Collection 'No Place Like Home'

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The day has come to finally launch our new collection, so we thought it would be nice to look back at how this range came about...

Titled ‘ No Place Like Home’ the SS18 collection is inspired by the comfort of home, and how lucky we are to have one. Like all our previous ranges, its a theme which resonates with us and from the response to our Christmas refugee appeal, we know our customers will relate to this too.

We started work on the collection back in December 2016, a very chilly month to be thinking about shorts  ! The starting point for all our collections is a brainstorm meeting where we look at our sketch books, photos and tear sheets of inspiring images we have collected. These may be from galleries and exhibitions, news articles, adult catwalk shows, street shots- anything goes ! Then we will decide on a common theme and work on colours, prints and garment styles from there.

Although design -led , we always ask ourselves if the designs have longevity - ‘ can you see this being work in 5 years time ?’ Our key aim for TurtledoveLondon is to ensure the garments can be worn again and again and passed down to smaller friends and family too. We also look at all the feedback from our customers, the new swimwear pieces were designed following a huge number of customer requests !



The most exciting stage of the design process is seeing the first samples, the first time our paper sketches are brought to life. Some garments don’t make the final cut, but most do as our fab factories know our handwriting and have a great feel for the brand. Occasionally a garment may just be too expensive to make , pushing the retail price over what we feel is an acceptable limit for kids clothes.


Once the bulk samples arrive, it’s the trade show season for us and our sales agents . The trade shows happen around 6 months before we launch our collections and are when our retail stockists place their orders. We will calculate all our wholesale orders and add a quantity for us to sell on our website too. Each season, this quantity is getting so much bigger thanks to our amazing customer support ! Then it’s a busy time of fitting, testing and colour matching before our garments go into bulk production with our factories.


Hope you love the new collection, thank you for all your support in building our brand. Please do continue to share photos of your purchases !


BIG thanks also to our lovely models who worked with our stylist Eimear Varian- Barry and photographer Sarah Blake on our look book campaign this season. We love the imagery, here are some of our favourites.


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