Moon Wave Print

      Step into the world of celestial wonder with our Moon Wave Print Collection. Designed to inspire imagination and capture the mystique of the cosmos and our planet this enchanting print features on a range of kids' and baby clothing. Crafted from organic cotton, each piece embodies our dedication to both style and sustainability, allowing your little one to shine as bright as the moon and surf the waves of comfort. Let their wardrobe reflect the magic of the skies and the warmth of organic goodness with our Moon Wave Print Collection.

      Eco-conscious choice

      Why choose organic cotton?

      By choosing GOTS-certified organic options, you prioritize pure comfort, sustainable fashion, and ethical production – fostering well-being, supporting eco-friendly practices, and respecting the craft behind each piece.

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      Discover our range of GOTS-certified organic options for baby, kids and women that seamlessly merge style, comfort, and sustainability. When you make a purchase with us, you're not only selecting clothing that mirrors your principles but also nurtures the world we share.

      Why choose Turtledove London?

      Guaranteed Quality: Our GOTS certification ensures each dress adheres to the utmost standards of organic and ethical craftsmanship.

      Diverse Styles: From timeless designs to trendy patterns, our dresses cater to every taste and preference.

      Eco-Conscious Fashion: Unite with us in making a positive environmental impact by endorsing sustainable and conscientious fashion choices.

      Browse through all our collections today and dress your little ones (or yourself!) in the embrace of GOTS-certified organic clothing.