Turtledove London Talks: Graphic Paintings & Drawings with Margo McDaid


Artist Margo Mcdaid creates simple, graphic paintings and drawings every day from her home by the sea ! We are big fans ( and collectors !) of Margo’s work and were delighted to chat with her to find out more.


Where do you find your inspiration?

love so many different things and my house is full of vintage books, children’s books, record sleeves, vintage clothes and just about everything can be inspiring. Vintage books are just so beautiful and simple, they are really inspiring!


What does a typical working day look like for you?

work from home, an art studio and a shop  so I am now trying my best to get super organised. I have an assistant who works with me for 4 hours a day and that has really helped transform my working day and making time to paint.

I tend to get on top of the admin in the morning and then spend the afternoon in the painting studio. I will then  do the school pick up at around 3 and family time to the early evening. If I am working on commission, then I will go back to the art studio for a couple of hours in the evening. I will also sit and do a painting or a collage at home. I work non stop and just love what I do. I try to get 2 long days painting so that I can stay on top of things.


We love your vintage plate paintings too  - how does the creative process work with them?

have collected plates for the longest time. When I was a child growing up in Ireland I would dream that I would go to work for Beleek pottery and that my job would be to sit and hand paint plates. I will always have a stack of plates waiting to be illustrated and I draw using a porcelain pen. I sometimes feel that I draw my best when I love the plate.


What are your top tips for shopping second hand?

I love anything that has a bit of quality to it. When things were produced in small batches in factories or by a craft person, these products really keep their value and quality. Charity shops are so plentiful here on the Isle of Thanet.

This was an area where lots of bed and breakfasts operated so there is an unbelievable amount of crockery in this area. I love the rummaging looking for something that is rare or beautiful.


How would you describe your signature style?

think there is definitely an undertone of folk art in what I do. I love the process of making and creating in a methodical way. My art studio is in the top floor of an old factory and I will work on a group of paintings at the same time. This allows me to paint in a pop art kind of way. I worked in New York near Warhols factory and met the artist who took it over. I feel really inspired by modern art merges with craft and the skill of had painting.


What is the best thing about raising a family by the coast?

We love the beach - swimming and beach barbecues with friends. We moved here 11 years ago and it was really quiet. Every year it gets busier and busier but it is such a big long coast line, so there is lots of room for everyone!


Do you have any new projects planned?

am always playing around with new things in the studio. Love the idea of using materials that are available - I love to paint on wood and recently have been commissioned to paint onto a mirror.


Where would you most like to see your artwork on display?

have to say that having my work in the Turner Contemporary  shop is absolutely amazing! I would love to do a show in New York as that really was the birth place of my artistic ambitions. New York is such an amazing cross roads of culture and full of amazing art!



If you could own one piece of art from a fellow creative ( past or present day) , what would you choose?

met a Abigial Fallis in London in 1992 when I first went to art college - she is one of my longest friends and her art is amazing. Abigail recently had a large scale banana sculpture in Fulham town and she made smaller scale stacking bananas sculptures and I am eagerly waiting the delivery of this sculpture.


Follow Margo and her daily drawings on Instagram (@margoinmargate) , and see her latest work at www.margomcdaid.com

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