Baby & Kids Clothing

      Introducing our collection of organic cotton kids & baby clothing, where comfort, style, and sustainability unite to create a wardrobe that's kind to both your little ones and the environment. Crafted with care and designed with playfulness in mind, our collection offers a range of garments that prioritise the delicate needs of children while embracing the beauty of nature. From tees with timeless designs to our best-selling dungarees, you'll find something perfect to suit any adventure this season.

      Eco-conscious choice

      Why choose organic cotton?

      By choosing GOTS-certified organic options, you prioritize pure comfort, sustainable fashion, and ethical production – fostering well-being, supporting eco-friendly practices, and respecting the craft behind each piece.

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      Discover our range of GOTS-certified organic options for baby, kids and women that seamlessly merge style, comfort, and sustainability. When you make a purchase with us, you're not only selecting clothing that mirrors your principles but also nurtures the world we share.

      Why choose Turtledove London?

      Guaranteed Quality: Our GOTS certification ensures each dress adheres to the utmost standards of organic and ethical craftsmanship.

      Diverse Styles: From timeless designs to trendy patterns, our dresses cater to every taste and preference.

      Eco-Conscious Fashion: Unite with us in making a positive environmental impact by endorsing sustainable and conscientious fashion choices.

      Browse through all our collections today and dress your little ones (or yourself!) in the embrace of GOTS-certified organic clothing.