Kids Collection (2-8 Years)

      Introducing our collection of organic cotton kids' clothing, where comfort, style, and sustainability unite to create a wardrobe that's kind to both your little ones and the environment. Crafted with care and designed with playfulness in mind, our collection offers a range of garments that prioritize the delicate needs of children while embracing the beauty of nature. From tees with timeless designs to our best-selling dungarees, you'll find something perfect to suit any adventure this season.

      Explore & Play in our Kids Clothing

      Embark on a journey of sustainable style for your little ones with our Organic Kids Collection, designed to brighten wardrobes and nurture growing adventures - because being a mindful mom never looked so good.

      Charming looks for every moment

      Our selection of children's clothing presents a variety of styles, hues, and prints to complement any taste and occasion for any season. From delightful motifs to timeless, contemporary appearances, we have lots of options that resonate with your individual preferences. Whether you're in search of relaxed everyday ensembles, elegant outfits for noteworthy occasions, or cozy sleepwear for peaceful nights, Turtledove London's collection of organic kids' attire has your needs met.

      Unmatched cosiness and superstar quality

      At Turtledove London, we totally get that your kids's comfort rules the roost. That's why we are committed to selecting gentle, breathable, and durable materials for our clothing range. From organic cotton to soft blends, our fabrics are thoughtfully curated to provide the ultimate comfort for your little one's sensitive skin. And guess what? Each piece is crafted with major attention to detail, ensuring long-lasting quality. So, it's not just kid-friendly, it's adventure-friendly too!

      Styles & sizes to suit every growing child

      With a bundle of unique energy, we've got the outfits to match your little one's vibrant personalities. Our kids' clothing collection features a diverse range of styles, from contemporary classics to trendy, ensuring that every child can embrace their individual look. As kids grow in the blink of an eye, our collection includes a variety of sizes and clever design techniques like adjustable straps, ensuring that their favorite garments can grow with them. This way, they stay comfortable and stylish all the way. Whether your little one loves vibrant colors, playful patterns, or timeless designs, we've got something to match their taste and let their personality shine.

      Safety and Convenience First

      At Turtledove London, we're all about making sure your kids are safe and your parenting journey is smooth sailing. Each piece in our kids' clothing collection goes through rigorous testing and meets stringent safety criteria, guaranteeing they're free of harmful chemicals (like azo-dyestuffs) and other potential hazards. We also get how busy parents roll, which is why a bunch of our garments come equipped with consumer-friendly snaps, zippers, and comfy stretchable fabrics that make dressing and changing a breeze. Your peace of mind and convenience? That's our top priority.

      Affordable Prices for Every Budget

      We're all about ensuring that dressing your little ones in stylish and comfy organic wear doesn't put a dent in your wallet. Our kids' clothing selection boasts a diverse array of choices, all offered at wallet-friendly prices, accommodating a range of budgets. We're committed to delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality, so you can shop with certainty, discovering the ideal outfits without stretching your bank.

      Shop with Confidence

      At Turtledove London, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience. Our user-friendly website makes browsing and purchasing a breeze, and our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We offer secure payment options and reliable shipping methods, ensuring your order arrives promptly and in pristine condition.